Good lad. nice little body.

"calum hood is asian" you’re fucking irrelevant you fucking fuck.


to all you losers who don’t eat kfc bc “think of all the poor chickens who died for us to eat them” yah well think about how much time and energy all those asians put into killing and de-feathering those chickens to have enough money to put tacos on their table for their families, just so we could drive to chipotle and have ourselves a nice chicken dinner.

i don’t think i feel comfortable with having a baby with calum bc he might blow it up




take comfort in the fact that if one direction was ever in a real life paranormal activity situation, that at least zayn malik would survive

zayn would be the only one holed up in the cabin going “naw I’m good thanks, no, I really don’t want to check out what’s making that noise outside, thanks”

zayn is a survivor

exhibit a) 



exhibit b)



exhibit c)



meanwhile harry and louis die first

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iHeartRadio Music Festival Backstage (+)

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@Calum5SOS: The internet is the best and worst thing to happen in this world

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